The Old Codger

Rumored to be 140 years old, Courtney T. Edison, a.k.a. "The Old Codger," isn't the father of old time radio, he's just a sperm donor. The cigar-chomping (preference: Rancho Malario) Codger's familiar tagline is that he "plays 78 rpm records like they're going out of style." He refers to AARP's senior-most members as "kids," and taunts listeners by sneering, "I've got shoes older than you." The Codger refuses to play compact discs, cassettes, vinyl LPs, or any format except 78 rpm discs from his own collection, which he lugs to the station in a rickety shopping cart. He routinely abuses studio equipment and staff, and disregards station protocol with impunity. When asked by a female colleague what he wanted for Christmas, he replied, "I need a dishwasher and a doormat. Which would you like to be?"

"The Codger" is notorious for on-air come-ons to female admirers, often crooning that he loves 'younger' women -- age 45 or 50." Although never married, Edison has been linked romantically to singing comedienne Sophie Tucker, vaudevillian Effie Cherry, singer Rosetta Duncan, R&B siren Nellie Lutcher, and TV sitcom vixen Betty Rubble. Edison has a collection of over 48,000 78 rpm discs, 16 functional crank-wound Victrolas, and nine overflowing spittoons.

Edison began his broadcasting career in 1928 at WZKZ, Baltimore. After two months on staff, he was dismissed from that facility for ignoring station rules against disposal of cigar butts in the men's room urinal. Upon termination, Edison allegedly removed his shoes and nailed them to the station manager's door, attaching a note that said: "FILL THESE!" Despite his remarkably advanced age, until 2009 the Codger was actually the second oldest active broadcaster before the death of Paul Harvey.

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